MATT + AMANDA = Proof that opposites attract.



  • Loves peace and quiet. 
  • Could wear black and grey for life.
  • Best Meal Ever: steak & potatoes
  • Cold drinks ONLY. All the time. Hot is yucky.
  • Always warm. Like a radiator. 
  • Loves to learn.
  • Loves zombies, but only in movies.
  • Has a man crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
  • Drinks whiskey.


  • Loves chaos.
  • Needs colour in her wardrobe. Lots of it.
  • Best Meal Ever:  McDonalds. Anything.
  • Warm drinks. Always (well… mostly always).
  • Always cold. Always complaining about it. ;)
  • Loves creating, being a goof for fun.
  • 13 year old girl at heart. Scared of everything.
  • Also has man crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt. 
  • Eternally optimistic.