The "How-To" Video that CHANGED MY LIFE.

If you’re anything like me you hate taking two trips anywhere. If you’ve got a crap-ton of groceries in your car-you are NOT going to be making two trips into that house. Why would you?! You have two semi-muscular arms, two god-given hips and a ridiculously strong extra chin and a neck muscle that can make it up to your fifth floor condo without giving out on you. You load up. You’re looking like a freaking MACHINNNNE, and then BAM. Someone who doesn’t understand goes;

“HEY. your shoe is untied-Don’t trip” And then they stand there like a dummy and stare at you like…”are you really going to keep going in this unsafe manner?”

Yes. Yes I am. I will swing my legs out to the side for the last 100m like a greyhound dog wearing booties for the first time so I don’t have to drop all of these items i’ve so carefully-so strategically aligned on my body for THIS. SUCH. MISSION. Priorities man.


Now, to solve this problem in elementary school, 7th Grade to be exact, I found NEON ORANGE curly laces. I plugged those bad boys into my black Nike sneakers and I thought I was the smartest, the coolest kid around. Not everyone understood my love of neon-and that’s okay. Even my mom was like “Are you sure you want to wear those to school?”…and my younger sister (Alecia) gave me the eye roll every time I slipped on the ol’ Nike’s, stood up in slow motion while STILL holding the laces and let them SNAP back to my feet with such pizazz. I was a trend setter. A trend setter setting trends that started and ended with me. But they ended with pride. I’m pretty sure those laces made it all the way to the end of 8th Grade before one snapped on me.

Anyways- LACES. I hate tying those things. Even more so when I got pregnant. That’s when I found what I like to call…”Life’s Big Secret.” (NO. Not velcro. Come on-who do you think I am?!) THIS. This random Ted Talk from Terry Moore, Feb 2005. It’s less than 3 minutes long, and will make that shoe do what it’s told. So, as I said-I wanted to pass on things I’ve learned in some upcoming blogs. Here is one of my favourite life lessons.

Now you don’t have to walk like a greyhound wearing booties for the first time…or follow my curly laces trend.  AND you can keep beast-moding those grocery trips.
Feel free to share with those you care about. Undone laces will take care of the others.

You’re so very welcome. ;)