Chris + Breanne {Medicine Hat Wedding Photography}

In a few cases when Matt and I book weddings, we only meet the bride ahead of time, and the meeting of the groom comes much later. For Chris.. it was about a week prior to their wedding as he does a lot of farming and lives out of town. Breanne booked us, and mentioned that Chris wasn't much of a "picture guy." Completely understandable... as most grooms aren't and it wasn't the first time I'd heard that. 

That doesn't mean I wasn't determined to win him over. ;) haha. 

They really couldn't have picked a better day to get married, the weather was beautiful, the outdoor ceremony in Central Park was stunning and the reception at the Lodge ended the entire evening on a very fun note (Not to mention the hilarity of the wedding party!).

At the end of the reception when saying our goodbye's for the evening... Chris said to me the best words a "non-picture guy" could ever say: "thanks guys, the photo-taking--it wasn't so bad--it was actually a little fun."  (I'm going to say that wasn't the alcohol talking... Matt's not sure though). Hahaha. ;) 

Special thanks to Nicola (Breanne's bridesmaid) for keeping everyone laughing during formal photos and to Chris and his guys for finding the perfect field to end the shoot on! 

Also special thanks to Schae Lloyd from Schae Lloyd Photography for helping me out during the ceremony and formals! (Matt had just had recent surgery) and Schae (also a future bride of ours) came out to lend a hand and carry gear. Check out her site in the link above! 

Here's a little peak into their day!