Schae & Stephen {Medicine Hat Engagement Photography}

These two are absolutely wonderful. First off, they're full of life, and so much fun to be around. They're both involved in musical theatre and have done shows together! (One of which I actually was at!) How awesome is that? I love when I hear that people are involved in theatre when it comes to photography...lots of expression! But these two would have to "act" at being in love though...YEESH! Have you seen these two?? GORGEOUS.

Also... Schae is a very talented local photographer as well, and so we were honoured when she asked us to shoot their wedding/engagement photos! (Check her out She's really talented at what she does and we respect her a lot for seriously taking time to learn her craft and finesse it. Plus...her work is beautiful. 

Schae actually helped us out at a wedding this year as Matt ended up having surgery halfway through the summer and had a "10lb weight limit'..which in case you don't realize how strong I actually am..thats about one of our cameras. ;)  She helped us second/third shoot and was soooo helpful in grabbing gear and running around for us so we could make it through the day without a hitch. It was AWESOME. We love you Schae!! You too Stephen! ;) haha. 

Anyways...we think these two are just stunning together and can't wait to shoot more! Take a peek! :)