Don't Let "Pretty" Consume You.

I'm a wedding photographer. My life revolves around weddings. I seriously need to re-discover myself every winter when weddings are over, because I've spent majority of my summer with my nose buried in client files, and coming up with new and fresh ideas, and simply immersing myself into that world. I'm like the bride whose wedding just keeps coming around! So I'm online a lot looking at beautiful things that make my heart skip a beat, and go "WOW." I see the designer gowns, the venues that make your jaw hang open and the wedding photographs taken at the tops of mountains that make you stare in awe. I see the hours and hours that brides put into their décor, and the time spent deciding on things like, Cupcakes or cake? Sparkler or bubble exit? Should you wear the drop earrings or just the studs?

Can I just say, that as a wedding photographer, my life ALSO revolves around people? And this is the part that I truly care about. I'm not trying to say that your earrings aren't important...all I'm trying to say is-the way your mother looks at you while she's putting them on you, matters more to me. The way your dad tilts his head to the right, takes a deep breath and tries ever so hard not to tear up when he sees his baby girl as a bride for the first time matters more to me. The way your sisters don't care at all about ruining their expensive make up and just simply let the tears flow during these moments matters more to me too. The way your groom plays it up like he's cool as a cucumber, then one look and side hug from his mom makes him take a deep breath and laugh out the nerves. The way your grandparents sit in the front row holding hands like they have for years, but the wink your grandpa gives her still makes her blush. THESE are the things that matter to me most. These are the moments that make what I do-worth doing.

Can we all just take a moment and think about the things that will matter to us in 10 years looking back on our weddings? Matt and I pulled out our wedding album a few weeks ago, we've been married 7 years. The things that gathered my attention and stressed me out the most before the wedding were the dress, the centerpieces, the locations for photos...and to be honest, none of that even mattered to me when we looked at the album.  We both smiled looking at the images of us being goofy with each other, and the little looks we'd give each other that were captured by our photographer, it was the images of our parents during speeches, beaming with pride, or trying hard not to tear up. Images of my grandma (who we lost years later) and grandpa praying for us at the front of the church. It was the laughs, the emotions and the real moments that make that album so perfect. We actually teared up sitting on the couch reminiscing and it reminded us of why we do what we do. So people can feel those moments 7, 10, 50 years later, the way we got to that night.

A note to our future brides: Don't get so caught up on the "the pretty, the designer, the trends" that you forget to revel in all "the feels", the moments, the memories. Thats what's going to matter down the road. 

We have a hashtag on instagram we started a few years ago #realmomentsradpeople. Feel free to check it out as it shows some of our favourite moments we've had at weddings. Real moments with rad people. That's what makes us tick.


Here's a few of our favourite moments we've had the pleasure of capturing in the last couple years...