Colton & Rebecca // Medicine Hat Engagement Photography

I think the greatest compliment Matt and I love to receive is "Wow, that was actually a lot of fun!" from the future Groom The Bride-to-be is 90% of the time always up for photos, and we ALWAYS hear at the first meeting, "We are really awkward in photos, and he hates getting his picture taken." 

Have no fear. Matt and I are in the same boat. Put us in front of a camera and we're like two Jr. High kids at a school dance. "Where do I put my hands?! Should I smile? What do I do with my face?! Is he/she looking at me, which eye do I look at, they're so close!" Then there's the whole "smile" aspect of it..."how do I make this look real?!" 

We want it to BE real. You will NEVER hear us say on an engagement shoot "ok! smiiiiile!" 

This shoot was so much fun, because of the fact that the smiles and laughter are REAL. Every once in a while you find a couple whose humour you just "get." And this is one of them. 

Can I just say-Rebecca has the best laugh EVER!! Matt and I couldn't stop smiling just from hearing this girl laugh. Unbridled joy-my favourite kind, and Colton knows just what to say to bring it out in her.

Colton & Rebecca, thanks for making our job easy. Your laughter is infectious and your humour is right up our alley. ;)  We can't wait to hang out with you two again and shoot your Big Day!