Meagan & Braden

So excited to shoot this couple's wedding this year! Meagan and Braden had been attempting to do their engagement shoot for a while, and the weather just seemed to keep getting in the way! The weather wasn't exactly perfect for their session, but we did get the best of both worlds-some fall foliage and some winter wonderland!  It was freezing (well-Braden was freezing-poor guy!!), but they held out and we were able to capture some amazing moments between the two of them. 

I love when couples can joke with each other and know just the words to say to make the other one crack a grin. These two are professionals, and their chemistry was so easy to capture. :)  PLUS...check out that RING. I absolutely LOVE it. (You can tell because I kept taking pictures of it...haha.)

Meagan & Braden, we can't wait to shoot with you two again!