Jelea & Tim {Nipawin, Saskatchewan Wedding Photography}

Amanda here, with Kristy blogging, it's rare I actually pop by here and leave a blog anymore!! I don't know if I still remember how to do this...lets see...

Jelea has been Matt's friend forever, and when I joined their group of friends back in 2009 she became one of my great friends as well. Always hilarious, welcoming, and so dang fun. Then she moved away from us. FAR away. Well-8 hours away…into it felt like a million miles. haha!  But there she met an incredible man named Tim, whom we all love so dearly.

So when they told us they were engaged and wanted us to be there to shoot the wedding we were thrilled (Minus the 8 hour drive through nothingness to get there!)! Just kidding, it wasn't that bad, and we got to witness these two cool kids tie the knot!

Jelea kept making us laugh though, saying she wanted photos in the forest up there, and we kept telling her "You're FROM SASKATCHEWAN!, there are no trees, its just fields, upon fields!" And she proved us wrong! They actually have a forest. And there are actually quite a few trees when you drive that north into Saskatchewan. My prejudices are forever changed regarding Sask landscape. So there ya go.

This wedding was FULL of handmade details (including the bouquets!), childhood dreams and some serious carpentry skills. Have a peek below at this stunning day all put together by the Bride!

Make-up: Rikki-Lynn

Hair: Danielle

Dress: W Bridals Curvy Couture in Saskatoon

Décor: The Bride!

Florist: Jamie Tyndall (The brides brother, who is NOT a florist, but jumped in and saved the day by creating beautiful bouquets the morning of the wedding!)

Ceremony Pianist: Jamie Tyndall (yes, him again-he actually IS a musician.)

Wine Un-corking/Pouring Service: Jamie Tyndall (you got it, the man of many talents. Not sure if he does this for a living or not-he was a pro either way.)

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