Beth & Darby {Swift Current, SK Photography}

I can't believe I haven't posted these yet! This is a session we shot this summer, and it was definitely one of my faves.

Matt & our Intern Kristy and I headed off to Swift Current, SK one evening for a shoot with Darby & Beth. They wanted their shoot in the same location as their wedding-their Family's Barn. I LOVE when clients have locations that mean something to them. This farm had been handed down though the generations and made the PERFECT backdrop for these two.

I can't say enough how excited I am to shoot this wedding next year. These two were so full of laughter and smiles and just blend so well together. The little glances, the way Darby can make Beth giggle in a second, and the way they're up for ANYTHING makes them a dream to photograph.

I will say however, I really hope the mosquitos aren't out as much as they were during this session. There were points where we had to literally RUN from the grass to escape them. My favourite part of the shoot was the end when they wanted some images in the field. Sask fields on a warm sunny evening are INFESTED with skeeters! You can't tell in these images, but we actually had stood on the road, prepped the poses, then had them run in and complete each pose as fast as they could while we clicked away!! It was HILARIOUS, and so the smiles were genuine...especially when Darby choked on a mosquito. Beth lost it laughing and the shots we were able to grab were priceless.

This wedding day will be one to remember I'm sure! The engagement shoot was a highlight for me this year! :)

Check out the Sask Adventure below....haha...