Colton & Becca // Medalta Potteries Wedding

Forewarning: There’s a man with no pants on in this blog. 

If you know Becca & Colton, you’re one of the lucky ones. They’re a couple whose humour and personalities are larger than life. When we met with the two of them, they repeatedly mentioned “We just want to have fun while we take photos. We don’t want our wedding party to be bored standing around smiling, and we really don’t want stiff photos. We aren’t those people.”

Oh thank God. Because we aren’t those people either. 

No joke-my face actually hurt from smiling after this wedding. The only other time I’ve felt that feeling was MY OWN wedding-so that speaks to how much fun I actually had.

Becca is a young version of the hippest cat lady you know. Their house adorned in vintage tea cups, kitty cat touches and subtle colourful language that you can’t help but giggle at. She even wore the daintiest little cat bracelet on her wedding day and had us all in stitches while the gals were getting primped. 

Colton is the cream of the crop. He works hard, he plays hard and he’s a super genuine, thoughtful guy who has the best taste in gifts-seriously-had a flower arrangement made in his grandmother’s tea cup for Becca to add to her collection (let’s all say a collective “awww!”).

They got married at Medalta Clay District by “Father McVeigh”, actually, they were married the night before as a surprise to those in attendance by Wendy Klassen, in order to take the nerves off, and allow their friend to take part in their ceremony as their “officiant.” It made things a little more personal for the two of them to have someone they’re close to standing right front and centre with them (plus he was hilarious and made everything very “Colton & Becca.”)

We stuck around the Medalta area, but we didn’t stand around as you’ll see from the photos. There may have been a dance off (and maybe some pants off), some rough housing and a bit of fun. But only a bit. Kudos to their wedding party for getting on board with everything and really giving the dancing 110% of their efforts-we’ve never met a more enthusiastic group!! We’d love it if one of you could get engaged soon and get the entire gang together again-it was so fun! Ya? Ya?

Some advice to future couples searching for their perfect photographer: Find someone who fits YOUR character, style and understands how YOU have fun. Think of it this way-your photographer is going to be like the random guest at your wedding that never really leaves your side…all day. Make sure you at least like them as a person.

This wedding was a prime example of a perfect fit for our brand. We mesh wonderfully with couples who are ready to have a good time, and value moments over perfection. We strive to capture those big belly laughs, those secret loving glances, those hilarious dance moves and joyful expressions that make your day a celebration.

If you’re into dark, artsy, moody photos-that’s awesome-but that’s not really our jam. We can absolutely point you to some talented photographers in this city that rock that style beautifully though!

So-without any more chatter-let’s get to the fun stuff. PHOTOS. :) Enjoy!


Vendor List:  Hair: Euphoria – Breane Gershon // Makeup: Julie B Makeup // Dress: Londyn by Hayley Paige from Cameo & Cufflinks (Calgary) // Shoes: Giant Tiger $10! // Earrings: Superstore! // Her Ring: Wright’s Jewellery // His Ring: Amazon // Purse: Twinkle Dolls // Belt: Etsy // Cat Bracelet: Amazon // Suits: Tip Top Tailors  // Coordinator: Karri Montean from Borrowed Blue Event Design // Decorator & Bouquets: Weddings & Beyond // Official Officiant: Wendy Klassen // Day-of Officiant: Gerald McVeigh // Venue: Medalta Historical Clay District // DJ: Mark Flannigan Music // Cake: Butter ‘n Biscuits // Caterer: Skinny’s Smokehouse // Teacups: Triple E (sadly closed now) // Bridesmaid’s Gifts: Weddingstar