The Importance of an E-Session

Justin & Sera debated on whether or not they should do the engagement session with us, as their Uncle (who is a seriously kick-ass photographer) was gifting them a shoot as their wedding gift.  It's TOTALLY okay with us if you're having someone else shoot your e-session! (Especially when your Uncle shoots as incredible theirs does). 

As their wedding collection included a shoot, they could have taken it out of the package, but instead we took them out simply to get comfortable in front of the camera, and to get to know them better before their Big Day. So many couples say to us "we aren't photogenic, we don't do well infront of the camera, or we're so akward!"  Heads up: Matt and I feel the exact same way infront of a camera. ;)

THIS is the reason we encourage engagement shoots/couple shoots. Not only do you walk away with some awesome photos of the two of you NOT in your wedding attire, but you get the way we joke, you understand what we mean when we say "jello fingers", you begin to understand your angles, and the way to move your body (and I explain WHY), you learn where to put your hands (my favourite thing to yell out-WHERE DO I PUT MY HANDS?!?!?!"), and not only that-WE learn about your comfort levels, what makes you laugh and we get a few inside jokes with you to pull out on the wedding day to get those real chuckles going. The shoot is just as much for US as it is for you.

Sera & Justin had only met us once at this point to book their wedding, and entered the shoot with the "please help us be natural" nervous laughter, and by the end of the shoot they were laughing and hamming it up for the camera like nobody's business. On the way back to the cars, Sera said she was so glad she did this as it completely put her at ease about shooting on the Wedding Day. *Music to our ears!!!! When you're relaxed, it shows.*

This post isn't just about doing e-sessions with US-if YOUR wedding photographer offers an e-session-PLEASE take it! There's nothing better than building that trust and comfort with someone who's going to be by your side every moment on your Big Day, and nothing better than a photographer who knows how to make you laugh and make you look good doin' it. ;)

Here's a few of the gems. There ain't nothin' akward 'bout these two!