Tanielle Golden // Medicine Hat Grad Photography

Tanielle was one of those Grads who just makes you smile the moment you read her inquiry. A lot of times we hear "how much for photos?", and thats all we get until we dive a little deeper. But with Tanielle, it was an email telling us who she was, why she loves our work and what drew her to us, where she's headed after school and ideas she had for her shoot. A dream! 

Her look was clean and natural, a simple, but elegant navy flowing dress, and flowers in her hair, which suited her natural beauty perfectly, and so we matched that look with the natural beauty in Police Point Park and a beautiful wall overgrown in ivy. We found some gorgeous purple flowers, and had the perfect evening sunlight falling over them, so we couldn't pass that up!

Tanielle's boyfriend of a year and a half, Austin, also joined us for the shoot, and we were able to capture some super cuteness happening there. :) 

Tanielle, we wish you all the best as you pursue your passion for teaching!

Thanks for being so lovely to work with. :)

Stay Joyful, 

Amanda & Matt

PS. Check out these lovely ladies/vendors who helped this Grad on her special day:

HAIR: Katrina Petersen // MUA: Alyssa Ingram  // Dress: The White Room // Shoes: Spring