The Pre-Pinterest Bride: Our Wedding

I got married before the concept of Pinterest came to be. Weird. I know. It feels like it's been around forever. Nope. December 2009 it was conceptualized and March 2010 it was born. 

As an indecisive bride, I'm just going to shout a HUGE "HALLELUJAH!" 

Don't get me wrong, I both love and hate Pinterest all at the same time. Had this existed prior to us getting married I'm pretty sure I would have lost my freaking mind with too many ideas. Weddings already have so many decisions, and I'm probably the most indecisive human on the planet. It was funny, while I was in the planning process of our wedding, Matt made a rule. I'd bring him three concepts that I loved equally, so it didn't matter which one he picked, once he picked, it was THE CHOICE. No backsies, no "Ohh but, I was hoping you'd pick this one"...that was IT. The end. Fin! It made me really think hard about my love for the three. It's like parenting, you don't have a favourite. Right? (But you really do...but you'd never say it. Right? Mom? Dad? right? *wink wink*...KIDDING, I know my sisters are reading this.)

But seriously if I could help my future brides in any way, I'd suggest ditching the app for your wedding. Step away from the trends and do something that's fully, 100% YOU. I could also point back to my "comparison" blog, and how there's always going to be something better. Don't invent regrets! 

Our wedding was 8 years ago. So yes, of course, there are things I'd change when it comes to styles and trends, but I wouldn't change a thing when it comes to the joy and gratitude we felt, and luckily we had an awesome photographer to capture all those emotions.

People always ask about our wedding, so I thought-I'll blog it. I've never actually done a blog like this. And as a wedding photographer, I feel like it's something I should share! 

How convenient that it's also our 8th Wedding Anniversary today. :) Happy Anniversary Matt!

The number one question we get asked is "Who shot your wedding?" The answer is, Rockie Lee. Believe it or not, Rockie and I met on MySpace. I was an aspiring photographer and he became my mentor at the time. He lived in BC and helped run a summer photography workshop in Shawnigan Lake (Image Explorations). And so I saved up my money and I went, and when Matt and I got together, Matt started coming with me. It was our summer camp and a chance to hang with Rockie and some amazing photographers from around the globe. And it's still running today, we just haven't made it due to wedding season. We miss you guys! Anyway-Rockie did an amazing job, and our families loved having him there!

Our ceremony was EARLY in the morning: 10:30 am. We wanted to drive out to Bow Island area for our photos as there was an old house that was pretty symbolic to Matt and I. So we made the drive. :) It was nice to have a quiet little break in the middle of the day. Rockie was also our chauffeur...hahahaha! It was the hottest day EVER, and I got a beautiful sunburn. 

It was a wonderful day, that FLEW by and I'm so grateful to all of my family who made it out from Ontario. :) So happy to have so many people who mean so much to us in these photos. 

Matt & I didn't have a dance at our wedding, and Rockie came up with the most rad idea ever. After the night was over, we grabbed a bunch of the guests that were left, and our families, and turned all the cars into a circle in the parking lot. We turned on the headlights and cranked the radios up all to the same station and had our first dance. I couldn't tell you what song it was, and it doesn't matter, it was beautiful. We also danced with our parents, and then let loose with everyone after. Such a memorable part of our day and the photos turned out awesome! 

So yes, while Pinterest is an amazing tool to help with planning, it can also be something that keeps us in the box and steals our focus. Are the decor, and details important? Yes-to a point. I was so concerned before our wedding and that everything look PERFECT. I was stressing about dumb little details that now I don't even care about. It was stealing my joy about the day and made my anxiety about it go up. I can only imagine how brides now feel with all their craft projects and pressure to DIY. 

When I look back on that awesome day 8 years ago, my focus isn't the way the centerpieces looked. It's not about the way my hair was done or the damask trend that was happening then. My focus is the way my eyes lock with Matt's. The way the smile, only we share, creeps across our faces when we do. The proud looks from our parents and siblings. The belly laughs that rocked our reception. The way my grandparents prayed over us at the ceremony (I've lost my grandma since, so that moment is extremely precious to us). The way Rockie captured people in exactly the way I think of them. My sister's giving their all dancing to a Disney song to keep the tradition alive. Grandpa Hazzard, with his elbow propped on his arm, his hand up to his chin, eyes closed, taking in the moment. I can't tell you how many times I've seen him in this pose.  My dad during his speech, eyes squinted, and pointing with a smirk when telling a story (most likely of something sneaky I've done), and my mom laughing while she listens to him (pretty sure we captured that EXACT shot at my sister's wedding). Matt's parents, in a full out belly laugh at Mark's speech, and another of Bev looking tenderly at Denis as he gives his.  It's the raw emotion that rocks us and makes our day-OURS.

So Rockie, thank you. Thanks for being the type of photographer who focuses on what's important. These memories mean the world to us and are so grateful.

Without further adieu, here's a look at our day. 


Our vendors are as follows:

Dress: Magic Moments // Hair & MUA: Mirage Hair // Shoes: Le Chateau // Suits: Moores // Flowers: Fresh Flowers // Ceremony Venue: The Dream Centre Church // Reception Venue & Caterer: Chinook Village // Decor: Marlene Harris (my Aunt!) // Guitarist: Marc Atterbury (!), and Jen Hutchinson (sister) // Amanda's Ring: Roset by Reid // Matt's Ring: Richardson's Jewellery // After Ceremony Snack: Dairy Queen // Officiant: Greg Keen // Cake: Jelea Tyndall