Beth & Darby // Swift Current, Saskatchewan

I knew this wedding was going to be amazing the moment we met Beth & Darby (And not just because Beth is from Scotland...though that has been an awesome theme in many of our weddings this year!). These two just have such a kind and genuine nature about them-you can't help but love them. They're the type of people that are just naturally joyous (my kind o'people), and find humour and the good in everything. Throughout the day, it was obvious that that kind of attitude toward life stems down from their parents, and through their families. They are surrounded by people who just love the heck out of life, and it shows. You'll see it seep out of these photos as you look through them. I can't help but smile when I look through their gallery, and even writing this makes me wish they lived closer so we could be friends. Haha! 

Beth & Darby got married in Swift Current, SK, and had their reception in a family barn that's been passed down through generations. It was insanely gorgeous, and I think they should rent that place out! I'd LOVE to shoot there more. I know some people get scared when shooting in a barn as the wood is dark, and the light is limited; don't be! Believe it or not, all of these images in the barn were shot with flash and would have been near impossible to do without, as there were only tiny little windows on each end. They still came out rich, and gorgeous looking and allowed us to capture all the emotion the speeches held. And I mean-how often does a bride get bagpiped in by her father for a grand entrance?! 

Darby had this to say about the family barn:

"Seeing four generations come and go on this yard, the barn has seen so many things: cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, and chickens. Hours of hard work went into making it and hours to keep it standing. It had been standing for over 100 years and we hope that it stands for another 100 to see our children's children running around in it." 

*heart melt*

Now, I don't know if the name "Swift Current" is a pun or not, because wow does this place get WINDY. I don't think Matt and I have ever shot a wedding with a more fierce wind than the one these two had on their wedding day. Every dress turned into a pant suit when the wind blew, and hair was unable to be tamed. I love the wind in photos as it gives it a very "real" feel... but this wind was something else! Fortunately, Darby knew of a farmer who so generously opened up his grain elevator for us to take photos in. And it was gorgeous too! 

The dance photos from this wedding are some of my favourite ever. The song "Loch Lomond" by Runrig started playing, and Matt and I were transported to our favourite place on the planet. Beth's relatives from Scotland took to the dance floor and I can't even explain to you the energy that was out there. Her dad ran and grabbed his bagpipes and joined them all in celebration. The joy and laughter was palpable. Looking through their gallery definitely makes me smile. 

Beth & Darby, thank you for allowing us to be a part of this celebration. Your Moms were the most amazing hosts on the planet and made us feel as if we were part of the family. We hope these photos will stand with the barn and bring some joy and fond memories for another 100 years as well. 

Stay Joyful,

Amanda & Matt

THE AMAZING VENDORS // Dress: The Bridal Boutique - Edmonton Mall // Shoes: Winners // Hair: Salon 20-Steph Faucher, Swift Current // MakeUp: CMB beauty - Caitlin Buye, Shaunovan // Jewellery: Pandora & Nordstrom // Suits: Tip Top Tailors - Groom // Flowers : Wildflower Florist, Swift Current // Ceremony Venue: Riverview Estates, Swift Current //  Officiant: Jim Magee // DJ: All For You Music, Swift Current // Reception Venue : Zacharias Farm in the Big Red Barn // Decorator: Family and Friends // Caterer: The Smoke Shack, Swift Current // Cake : The bride and bridesmaids