The Power of Joy

I watched the movie The Greatest Showman-and I loved it. Mind you-I need to learn how to trapeze, sing, and dance now (all at the same time too, so it added a little pressure into my life)-but I still loved it. At the end of the movie there was a quote by P.T. Barnum that states “The noblest art is that of making others happy.”

I like to think that that’s what we do with our photography-make others happy, or at least capture those moments that will fill them with joy in the future upon reflection. We aren’t always having the best days, or weeks-and neither are our clients-but we make every effort to turn each shoot into a joyful experience.

There are days that hit you as an artist that make you feel like what you do isn’t good enough, trendy enough, shiny enough or extravagant enough. I’ve been feeling that way a lot lately, and the comparison game has been playing quite strongly in my head. 

So many photo contests are coming up, and Best of Medicine Hat Contest is also around the corner, and the pressure to compete, rather than just simply find JOY in what you do hovers greatly this time of year.

So what I’m here to say is-we represent JOY. We just want to make people smile and capture those memories that will bring joy full circle in your life. We aren’t fancy. We aren’t trendy and we don’t have it all together. But we know what’s important. We value what’s important, and we’ll work our damnest to ensure we make you happy.

This week as I was updating our portfolio for a meeting with a bride I couldn’t help but smile at the amount of joy that was pouring from the images that I was sifting through.

Sometimes it was joy in “head thrown back laughter” from a bride listening to her sister tell stories about her mischievous childhood at a reception, sometimes it was joy in the eyes of a father looking at his daughter seconds before walking her down the aisle. Other times it was joy in tears as a mom talked about the absence of a grandparent-but “oh how much she would have loved you.” Sometimes it was joy in a child as they chased their dad during a family shoot, or when they were just givin’ ‘er on the dance floor and realized I was watching their every move. Sometimes it’s the simple things like a mom and her toddler, locking eyes and breaking out in a giggle, or the family chuckling about how dad never smiles (which always makes dad smile).

I could go on forever about the little glances I wait for, the smirks, the tears of joy, the proud looks, the belly laughs-regardless-JOY is definitely one word that I HOPE comes to mind when you view our work, or work with us. 

Now-for some smiles to make you smile.