This Grad Season was the BEST WAY! We actually shot from March to July this year, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the results.  As primarily wedding photographers in the summer, we are used to the unpredictability and fast pace of the wedding day, crazy weather, last minute changes of venue, power-outages, extra-large large wedding parties, and sometimes a little chaos mixed in. We thrive on showing up and making it happen even in sometimes the most challenging situations. This isn't to say we don't love weddings-we sure do!

But when we're given the opportunity to focus on just ONE individual, take our time, pull out our gear, and get a little creative-GREAT THINGS HAPPEN! Grads (and their families) this year were that breath of fresh air we got to experience during our weeknights. Thanks so making our job so easy you guys. You're all incredible young people that we were honoured to photograph. (There are a few faces missing from this post as they haven't made their choices yet...haha, they'll get added later!)

Take a look at some of the amazing young people we had the pleasure of meeting this year.

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Next year's Grad Season was booking up before we finished this years! We're doing something a little different this year! As it's still a LONG way off-and no one knows their official schedules yet-We're doing a 2019 Grad Waitlist.  A $100 retainer (which gets credited toward your collection), gets your name on the list for us to call in January AND 10% off your 2019 Grad Collection! Offer ends October 31st, 2018-click below to email Amanda!