This is us. (ps. They stole that from us).

Haha. So, one night about 9 years ago, Matt and I were laying in bed sound asleep and all of a sudden he sits up, and puts his arms out like he’s doing a double Vanna White, and announces to the empty room “THIS IS US!” And just sits back and goes to sleep.

I laughed. so hard.

And then I wrote it down so I’d remember to tell him in the morning.

When we made our website we put “THIS IS US” as our “About Us” section as a little inside joke. Then a few years later “This Is Us”…the emotional tearjerker (yet-amazing) tv show came out and overshadowed our joke. I know they didn’t steal it from US, I mean-big brother’s watching, but probably not that closely..haha…but it really made me wish I’d trademarked Matt’s ridiculous outburst years prior. lol. It became a household line. Stores were selling picture frames and knick-knacks (do people still use that term?) with “this is us” printed on them. Heck-I even made a painted sign with the words on it for our house that sits on a shelf because I feel like I need to print more family photos and hang them around it in order for it to make sense on a wall.

Right now it’s a sign-for a blank wall that states “this is us.” Something about that feels wrong.

As much as we have little write ups about us on the website, you don’t really hear much about who WE ARE in the blogs. We tend to feature our work here and post when we have minis, but I’d like to start using it to share with you guys a little bit more about us, and some of the life lessons we’ve learned along our photography/parenting/married/business life. I also want to share with you when I learn cool things or have hilarious dream stories that I need to share...because I’m not kidding….I’ve got some doozies.

For now-I’ll say, we’re Matt & Amanda. We got married when we were young, 22 & 23 to be exact. We have been shooting weddings together before we were even married. We have a hard time finding TV and movies to agree on. Sitcoms is our only hope. The Office & Seinfeld have a deep hold on our hearts. 90’s TGIF and Christmas Movies are our other saving grace. We made an awesome kid 2 years ago. He still hangs out with us, so we must be doing something right. We could survive on thai curry and tacos for the rest of our lives if we had to. Valentina’s is something we can agree should be included in the mix. We once left our Christmas tree up for roughly 17 months. We sing our kid to sleep with weird songs like Irish pub jigs, or a slowed down remixes of Hakunnah Matata. Or Silent Night…no matter the season. That literally took me 3 minutes to write. This could go on forever.

I feel like that gives you a tiny glimpse into our lives anyway.

Here’s our super attractive faces for you. Oh. and we like sarcasm….or do we? you can never tell in writing.

Night all.


Matt & Amanda Tessmann