Grad have they changed. {Medicine Hat Grad Photography}

When I graduated...many..o gosh, TEN years ago-Grad photos didn't really least not in my small town..or the way they do today. The only images we had were the ones with the lovely cap and gown, and serious, studious looking gazes into the camera, or staring dreamily into our bouquet of roses. 

I remember getting my photos taken very vividly...the woman taking the photo told me NOT to smile. REALLY?- when you tell Amanda Tessmann NOT to smile, that immediately makes me laugh and smile even harder. Lets just say my mom wasn't too impressed when she got back the images of me "graduating" and they were basically 4 images of me trying not to laugh with a goofy look on my face. I'm the only one in my family without those lovely cap & gown photos...not because I didn't graduate...but because... I just had too much fun doing it. haha. They didn't reflect my let loose personality at all.  We want our grads to remember getting their grad photos taken..and also have too much fun doing it!

Through our grad photos in Medicine Hat this year we've really had the opportunity to meet some really fabulous girls and their families and friends and show them off in a way that made them feel beautiful--feel genuine--and celebrate this amazing accomplishment with a beautiful reminder of who they were in 2014.  

Here's a few samples but feel free to head over to our grad section and check out some more! 

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