Best of Medicine Hat Contest 2018

Hey gang!  I know this is INCREDIBLY LATE, but it feels wrong not to say THANK YOU.

Thanks for checking out our blog, and thanks for your votes in the Best of MedHat Contest 2018. We really appreciate it, and are humbled by your loyal response each year.  It means we're doing something right. Apparently I still need to learn to blog on time...but we're getting there.

When we first started out with photography I used to stress out about contests like this, social opinion was always where I placed our value. Did we get featured this month? Did someone share our twitter feed? How many "likes" did that post get? How many followers do we have?  How do I get people to "share"? It was like this never-ending voice in the back of my head that created this unnecessary anxiety that stole the joy I got from doing what I love.

Yes. It's a business-but it's also a passion, and our priority is capturing images that our clients love.

This is another reason why being a husband & wife duo is amazing. Matt's the kind of guy who has grown up confident, and secure. He's the one to say "babe-get off the internet-followers don't matter. People do." He reminds me all the time of the awesome clients we have and the friends and family who support our passion. Those "likes" on our facebook feed 95% of the time come from actual, living-breathing people we've worked with, or are friends with, or who are interested in working with us in the future-who live in the Medicine Hat Community. We aren't "destination photographers"-and we don't really have the desire to be! We love our local community-and we love capturing the awesomeness within it.

The Best of Medicine Hat Contest isn't always fair- and isn't always the perfect marker for what makes "the best", and we completely understand that. Photography is such a subjective business. What I find "mind-blowingly awesome" you may find "drab or unoriginal." The "BEST" just isn't really a great word when it comes to the arts.  Because "best" is 100% subject to the individual. Medicine Hat is full of amazing photographers who bust their butts to give their specific clients amazing images every time-images that suit their client. We couldn't be more proud of the quality of images, and artistic ability that flows through this awesome city. To the other photographers out there, we love serving this community with you, meeting you, and learning from you. 

Medicine Hat-thanks for supporting these two zany photographers who had a dream one day.

Amanda & Matt (& Soren) 

Please enjoy our attempt at a selfie with Soren like we did last year. As you can see-when it comes to our OWN family photos we are CLEARLY professionals. ;) bahahaha