::Tips & Tricks to Rock your Grad Session::

 Chasing Autumn Photography - Medicine Hat Photography


Try to get a lot of REST the night before your shoot. 


Eat something light before the shoot so you can tame the beast within. And if you eat like me-do it before you put your fancy duds on. I swear food knows when I’m dressed up.


Drink lots of water the week before your shoot, it keeps your skin soft and hydrated. Please don’t spray tan before your shoot. As “natural” as they claim it to look, it tends to end up streaky and patchy on camera and takes extensive retouching to correct (which will cost you extra dough). That being said, don’t use a tanning bed either-it’s not good for you! Join my Pasty *cough*-I mean PORCELIAN revolution! UNITE!


We realize it’s usually close to exam week. Don’t stress about a few pimples! Matt’s got your back (or...er... your face?) during retouching. Severe acne may require additional retouching costs, but you can decide once you see your images, if you’d like to go that route.


We reccommend hiring a makeup artist. Particularily one that understands how makeup looks on camera. We have some recommendations if you’re interested! If you’re doing your own makeup, wear what you usually wear, but slightly darker than normal on the eyes. Please go slowly while applying eye makeup (eye liner, mascara), as your eyes will be the focal point! (Sorry if I added to the stress of the already stressful "winged look.")


A few days before the shoot, do a sugar scrub on your lips, it gets rid of the dead skin, but don't rub too hard! Also, bring your favourites gloss/balm to the shoot so you can touch up! (You’d be amazing at how dry your lips get just smiling.)


Your hands will be shown. If you’ve got nailpolish on, make sure it isn’t chipped. (Same for your toes, sometimes things get crazy and the shoes come off)


Ladies - underarms...‘nuff said. I mean, unless you’re the au’natural type. Have at ‘er.  Gents - Don’t shave your face at the last minute...give that razor burn some time to heal.


From our perspective, they make you-you. Unless you say “I want this scar/birthmark retouched”, we don’t touch it.


We don’t mind a few props, but we’d like to know in advance what you’re thinking aboutso we can come up with some creative ideas that will showcase them naturally. (Pets/vehicles/musical instruments, your LARPing collection, etc.)


We love your family. We’re totally happy that they’re involved, and definitely encourage you to add a family shoot to your collection. However, when it comes time for YOUR portion of the shoot, we highly reccommend you part from your awesome family and spend some time with just us so we can get the most natural, unakward smiles. It happens. We still love your family.


“What do I do with my hands?!” Posing seems to be the thing most people are nervous about. Don’t be. We will literally guide you every step of the way.


We got your back. Matt will dance for you, or I’ll act like an idiot. You’ll either laugh or be terrified-either way, natural wins. 


Ladies, we know you want to wear those 3” stillettos. PLEASE wear some flats or flip-flops to the shoot, and bring your pretty shoes along. Nothing worse than rolling an ankle on some uneven grass the week before Grad. There will be lots of walking involved; be comfy and safe. 


Things to bring: 

-lip gloss

-any props

-a sweater

-wear flats/flip flops AND BRING your Grad Shoes